Welcome to G & A Precision Engineering Limited.

Specialists in producing fine limit metalwork.


Polished Stainless Steel ChambersAt G & A Precision Engineering Ltd we offer our clients a comprehensive solution to their specialist metalworking needs based on:

Our technicians are highly trained and skilled drawing on over 25 years of experience. This kind of experience means that customers can demand and expect the highest standards of fine limit sheet metalwork and fabricated steel structures and products.

We can produce one-off unique products, structures, prototypes and short runs or long runs of hundreds or even thousands.

Working from technical drawings, including AutoCadtm drawings via e-mail or just from your idea and a thorough briefing, G & A can manage projects from concept to finished or unfinished products. Our ability to accommodate all types of customer at all levels is second to none.

We can liaise at all stages with the customer on the design and implementation of a job, and if required, can manufacture new items from samples. When it comes to cost, G & A understands commercial realities and always aims to provide fully costed work at competitive prices, delivered on time.